Aacres Transportation Services (ATS) is a program with mission to provide specialized transportation services for individuals with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities.


Our goal is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction by identifying our customer’s needs and preferences. We assist individuals to live their everyday lives, with door-to-door service and increased opportunity to participate in their community.


ATS provides transportation for people that need a level of support that public transportation is often not able to provide. ATS focuses on independence for all of our passengers.


We have highly trained drivers who are attentive to the needs and behavioral challenges of our customer base.

If you have any questions or need information regarding ATS please contact:

(702) 906-2906 (office)

(702) 830-2640 (mobile)

Ron Solis,

Transportation Operations Director

Aacres Transportation Services

(702) 675-7267 (office)


Aacres Transportation Services